Who Is Shawn Munck?

Hello. My name is Shawn Munck and I define myself as a creative person that recently graduated with a BFA from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Before I began my tenure at NAU, I was completely unaware of the impact that design has on everyday life. I had no idea that design could be specific to certain areas like branding, wayfinding, or motion graphics.

This is meDuring my first semester as a visual communication major, I began to notice different typefaces, styles, and design concepts on a regular basis. I was more attentive to colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and grids. I began to classify design as the interaction of visual elements in relation to a particular concept. I was introduced to the ideology that creativity cannot be rushed or planned. Design concepts appear out of nowhere during the most random moments. Some of my most groundbreaking ideas developed when I wasn't even thinking about design.

My Philosophy

As I progressed through the program, I realized that successful designers must be fluent within multiple areas. The term "designer" refers to someone with multiple skills—someone with a versatile, eclectic background. I began taking photography, advertising, art history, and business courses while declaring a minor in public relations. Becoming experienced with these other fields of study helped me understand how design is interconnected with other professions, applications, and practices.

The most influential philosophy that I learned throughout my tenure at Northern Arizona University is that my portfolio is a personal narrative of my life as a designer. Professors and supervisors said that a designer's portfolio should be unique and reflect the personality of the designer. I have built my portfolio around my experiences at Northern Arizona University, both as a student and employee. My goal is to build a portfolio representative of my design career.

A Look Back

I must say that blood, sweat, and tears have literally gone into the production of my portfolio. Blood from every time I injured myself with an x-acto blade while trying to cut mat board. Sweat from frantically finishing up a project the night before it was due. And tears from when I picked up a project from a local print shop and realized that the colors were completely wrong and the quality was horrible. These experiences have shaped me into the designer I wanted to become.

Looking back, I now realize how design has blended into every aspect of my life. From noticing packaging designs on grocery store shelves to observing signage displays along the interstate. No matter where my design career takes me, I will always remember that these past four years at Northern Arizona University have provided me with the solid foundation I need to pursue my passion for design.

Enjoy Your Stay

Feel free to roam around my website and take a look at my design and photography portfolios. I hope what you see will invoke some type of emotion, whether its inspiration, delight, confusion, or disgust. As long as you feel something—that is all I ask for.